Administering Pills to Cats

You are an expert by now. In case of fever, you put on the thermometer without anyone’s help; when putting a suppository, don’t forget to take out the aluminum wrapper; applying drops is easy as drinking coffee and you can inspect inside the mouth without loosing a finger in the attempt. Now you are qualified to accomplish the masterpiece of treatments with cats: administer pills. First of all, you have to be clever on how to accomplish this. Besides, this is the only acceptable method for long treatments, as hormonal tablets to avoid heat. First, a delicious meal has to be exclusively made. Maybe some liver sausages. Place the pill in the middle of the sausage, has to be no bigger than the size of a cherry. Cats will eat it without a doubt; hormonal tablets are small and have a neutral flavor. If not, we’ll find it somewhere on the floor, nicely licked, while the sausage has been savored with pleasure. In this case, you will have to try to use the convincing method. You already know how to open their mouth. The nose has to look up. Then place the pill at the bottom of the tongue, only then the suction reflex works. Meanwhile with the other hand, press the jaws as a safety measurement so the mouth doesn’t close.

Veterinarians use curl tweezers to give them pills. I don’t suggest this; the risk of getting hurt is too big. However, a soft plastic tweezers that you can find in your sons toy box is perfectly suitable for this. If a cat start licking its nose, it means it has swallowed it. Do not take advantage of this skill to force it when it doesn’t have any appetite. This is only to be done with doctor’s indication and in such cases; it is better to use liquid foodfood rejection is almost always a very reasonable measurement of auto therapy of the organism and although it accompanies the disease, it is not the disease itself. 

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