American Shorthair Cat Characteristics

The typical weight of the American of short hair is of 6-5 kg. In the case of the male and of 4-5 kg. In that of the female.

Accordingly as described in the Cat Fanciers’ Association standards, it is a strong and robust cat in which “no exaggeration must be made on any part of its anatomy so as not to foment any weak points”. It must be “Sufficiently agile to ambush its prey. But also strong enough to kill it easily”, “with legs sufficiently long to dominate any kind of terrain and strong and muscular enough to jump higher”.

They give importance to the strength, resistance and agility: the natural features have made of this cat a born survivor.

The body, medium or big, is slim, athletic and strong, apt for hunting, climbing and jumping.

The chest and shoulders must be well developed and the legs must be robust and of a medium length. The feet are firm, big and rounded, and have strong soles.

The tail is of a medium length, broad at the base and with a not so much pronounced point.

The head must be big, with a pleasant face and prominent cheekbones, somewhat longer than wide.

The nose is of a medium length, a uniformed width with slightly curve profile. It has square snout with a firm and well-developed jaw. The neck is of a medium length, its wide and muscular. The ears are of a medium size, but are not excessively wide at the base. They are well separated on the head and they have slightly rounded tips.

The eyes are round and wide, they are well separated from each other and the offer a lovely look.

It is considered as defects on the cloak a silky hair, a flat Persian like nose and a cobby constitution as that of the British.

The American short hair, the same as the European is a perfect domestic cat: he is strong, intelligent, loving and homely, he is not annoying and it adapts himself to everything.

It has low tone of voice and save when enjoying playing to hunt, it likes a clam life. It only needs a slight brushing.

It is a pity to enclose in house a cat so apt for hunting, climbing and jumping, and if it is possible they must have access to the garden.

The breeding of the American short hair is simple and four whelps usually form its litters.

The females are known to be attentive and patient mothers. The whelps open their eyes after 9 or 10 days, they are generally born healthy and they soon acquire surely and move fearless.

Solid Colors
The American of short hair are accepted in black, blue, red, cream and white.

The black variety must present a dark carbon black tone and must be uniformed from root to tip without any reddish strokes.

The soles must be black or brown, the truffle, black and the eyes, golden.

The blue American must present a uniformed blue tone, preferably light. Also from root to tip. The soles and truffle must be blue and the eyes of a golden tone.

The red variety so of a light color, intense and lively, without any shadows, marks or dotting.

The lips and the jaw must be of the same color of the cloak. The soles and the truffle are of a tile tone and the eyes, are of a golden tone.

The cream American presents a uniformed beige tone without any marks also from root to tip, preferably clear. The soles and truffle are pink and the eyes are golden.

For last, the white variety must be of a pure shiny white, with the soles and the truffle pink. The eyes may be of an intense blue, golden or mismatched (one blue and one golden, both with the same intensity).

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