American Shorthair Cat Tabby Varieties

The American standards of the tabby blotched and the tiger like patterns are similar to that of the European of short hair, but there doesn’t exist any variety of dotted tabby in the case of the American of short hair.

Silver Blotched
The pride of the American of short hair is the silver blotched tabby. As we have seen, the second exemplary of European that was introduced to America was precisely silver tabby.

According to the standard, they are required to have dense black marks over a silver background, with lips and jaw of a pale silver tone. The soles of the feet are black and the truffle is of a tile color. The eyes may be green or hazel.

Tabby Patterns
As for the rest of the acknowledged colors of tabby, the brown tabby has a background of a shiny brownish copper with dense black marks. The back of the legs is black between the feet and the heels, and the soles are black or brown. The red tabby presents a red background with intense red colored marks.

The truffle and soles of the feet are of a tile color and the eyes, of a shiny golden color.

In the blue tabby variety, the background color is of a bluish ivory tone, with intense blue marks, which presents a strong contrast. All the cloak must present warm beige strokes. The soles of the feet are pink, and the truffle, of an aging rose, and the eyes, of a shiny golden color.

The background color of the cream tabby is of a very pale cream with beige or cream marks, which presents an accentuated contrast; the soles of the feet and the truffle are pink, and the eye, of a golden color.

To complete the gamut of tabby patterns, there exist two more varieties.

The gamed tabby presents white broken background with red marks, truffle and soles of the feet pink and the eyes of a shiny golden color. The tortoise tabby presents a blotchier or tiger like pattern in silver, brown or blue with stains of colors red, cram or have both. The tabby marks appear on the clear and dark zones.

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