Applying Ear and Eye Drops To Cats

Applying ear drops 
Certain manipulations apparently of ridiculous simplicity, can turn into a problem if a wrong technique is used. This also goes for administering eardrops as well.

The auditory bell in cats is relatively small and very mobile. If you quickly apply some drops to a cat, which is badly held, it can run away inclusively taking some pieces of fibers from your clothes. Then it will shake its head quickly and strongly, making the expensive eardrops spread as oil spots all over. Proceed carefully and in such case, you can even do it yourself. It is better to warm the flask in your pants pocket or hold it in your hand for a while, until it reaches pleasant temperature. Place it on your lap, smoothly but firmly; turn the head so that the ear heads upwards. With your finger, push backwards the auditory bell. Quickly insert the eardrops into the ear. Once it’s done, put away the flask and massage the ear. It will feel so much pleasure that it will forget to shake its head. This is done for it to distribute well and it doesn’t s spill out. 

It is important for cats to be comfortable during this process, remember that treatment doesn’t work just with one inoculation. In following doses, it will put less resistance. 

Applying eye drops
Our consideration with our eyes is well justified. However, applying eye drops does not affect cats that prove to be moderately ready. At first, you will need someone to help, but once they realize that they can’t run away and second, they realize that it does not hurt, things will get easier. 

Beforehand, warm the flask in your pocket or in your hand; eye drops or eye ointments irritate any eye, but if it is at a corporal temperature, it will turn out to be more pleasant and they barely feel it. Hold the head with a hand and with the thumb and forefinger from the other hand carefully separate the eyelids.

Now, this is when you need a second person to help you. Due to the understandable fear of the eyes sensibility, one usually tries to put drops from a great distance or take out a big amount of ointment. Doing this, you will only make drops land on you shirt and ointment spread all over your hand. Eye drops should be placed 1 cm distance with the eye and the ointment applied directly between the eyeball and the eyelid. As always, once finished, always caress it. The last impression should always be a pleasant one.

Applying Suppositories to your Cat
Many medications now come as suppositories, which have numerous advantages. The intestine quickly absorbs them; therefore their effects show faster. Also, they are easier to apply. 

The procedure is similar to when you put a thermometer. It is better if it is done between two persons, depending on how rebellious the animal is, but if not it can also be done just by one person. Put it on you lap, with one hand, hold the tail up and with the other hand, you will insert the lubricated suppository into the anus. It is better to lubricate it than to immerse it in warm water, if so it would have to be done with quickly.

It is normal for the animal to feel uncomfortable in these situations. If it runs away, the suppository might come off. To avoid this, after applying the suppository, keep the animal on your lap for about 5 minutes caressing it to distract it. An advice, don’t wear your best clothes!

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