Arrival to Cat Exhibition Show

Although each association has its own exhibition norms, the procedures that are followed are similar.

With exception of the United States, where the associations trust that its members won’t take a cat to an exhibition with a known infection, all the exhibitions begin with a veterinary control, after which it is necessary to go through the secretary ship of the exhibition, where they give the catalogue, a permanent pass and the number of the cat to the exhibitioners.

The owners must verify in the catalogue that their cats are inscribed in the adequate level and that the data is correct: name of the cat, details about its origins, date of birth and name of the owner. Any error must be communicated immediately to the secretary ship of the exhibition.

In the area of reception there will be a map in which you can see the distribution of the numbered cages inside the room of exhibition from this point the cat is considered as subject to the norms of the exhibition.

The distribution of the cages is planned with special attention so all the cats of the same owner will be in adjacent cages, but in a way that there isn’t two whole males near to each other as commented before, the owners may decorate the cages, always that non of its elements excels from the cage.

The Exhibition
Before proceeding to the competition in each area of judges, the participants are called by the number of the cage a total of three times. If there is no answer, they mark him as absent when the participants are called, they must take their cats to the area of judges and put them inside the cage with its correspondent number. Then, they must situate themselves in the area of the public and wait for the valuation of the judge.

The participants must not talk with the judge or make any kind of commentary about the cat in their presence.

The secretaries are those in charge of supervising the area of the judges. They must verify the date of the participants in the catalogue, introduce the punctuation of the judge and write a complete report about each exhibition for the secretary ship.

A commissary takes the cats one at the time to the table of the judge, where it is examined and is valued at certain distance.

If a cat bites or behaves in a “recalcitrant or menacing way”, it will be disqualified and will be retired from the judging area. He won’t be able to be presented to any other judging area during this same exhibition. After examining each cat, a commissary will disinfect its hands as will the judge. Once all cats are evaluated, the results will be announced and the certificates, ribbons and badges will be given to the winners.

When the cat has returned to the cage of exhibition, he may exhibit the trophies.

The prizes in money are merely symbolical; sometimes, the winners also receive subscriptions to magazines, books about cats, notebooks, etc.

The Final
Once all cats are judged, the time for the final valuation comes. After the delivery of certificates and titles of champion, the judge will choose of each race and color the best of variety.

All the cats that have been named for best of variety will measure between them to win the title of best in show in his category, Persians and Orientals, long hair, semi-long hair and exotics.

You can end winning the award to best of the best, chosen between the former.

As much as for novices as for experts, this is the most interesting part of the event, overall in the countries in which the judge presents the cats to the public and does commentaries about each winner.

In some cases, the winners of the awards “to the best” are exposed afterwards in special cages in an area apart from the exhibition room, where the assistants can compare their skills and performance.

Once the judges have finished their jobs, they can comment their valuations, although in any case they are obligated to do it.

Cats have to stay in the exhibition cages until the closing time, if well there can be exceptions in the case of kittens and domestic cats. The participants must clean the exhibition cages before departing and to throw away all the garbage.

Already at home, it is necessary to observe with attention your cats during a few days. In case of observing any symptoms of any infectious disease, you will have to inform of it to the exhibition organizers. For last, the certificates of the awards obtained must be applied for to the correspondent feline association.

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