Balinese Cat Character

The Balinese is more tranquil and less demanding than its Siamese ancestor, but they like to do stunts. They also enjoy practicing games such imply lots of movement, alone or with their owners, and they like to give and to receive attention. Without any doubts, it is not a cat you can leave alone during long periods, due that it lacks of under fur, he has a silky and flat cloak that usually doesn’t tangle or compress.

The whelps are born with a totally white cloak and it develops marks at the ends at the first weeks of life.

The females mature sooner and normally give to birth litters of three or four whelps. They are famous for being excellent mothers that play without getting tired with its whelps for it, the whelps develop quickly and soon learn an ample repertory of games and activities that can include, for example, a rough treatment to curtains and furniture with tapestry.

The U.S. cat Fanciers’ Association and the Canadian cat Association define the Balinese as a hybrid race, that is, that although most of the mating are done between Balinese cats and they only produce Balinese whelps, it is still permitted to cross them with Siamese cats to improve the race.

The International Feline Federation also permits the crossings with Siamese cats, and in Great Britain they are also contemplating, the crossings with the Turk angora.

A newly introduced race as the Balinese is probable to produce new advances with the existing breeding programs.

The crossings between Balinese and Siamese may begin an interesting line of investigation. As already seen, the mating of Balinese with Siamese produces whelps of a Siamese type, with a smooth and silky cloak, but not as long as the Balinese.

However, some feline associations, as the Americans, prohibit these whelps be registered as Siamese, because for a cat to be considered of this race he must only have Siamese ancestors.

These half-breed cats are sometimes denominated Balinese of short hair, although the term isn’t officially recognized.

When mating, they sometimes produce longhaired Balinese whelps, and in others with a medium silky cloak.

It is yet to be seen if any breeder with initiative will decide to develop the variety with the object of creating a new acceptable race. If given the case, it is more probable that there will exist certain resistance from part of the purist feline experts of the Siamese, due that many of them believe that the Balinese represents a menace for pure lineages of the Siamese race.

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