Balinese Cat Characteristics

The Balinese is an extraordinary beautiful and elegant cat; as is logical due to its Siamese origins, but also its long hair smoothes the features and colors of the pure Siamese.

The head is of medium size, pointed and have triangular shape, the same as the Siamese, although in this case the long hair also smoothes in certain way the features.

The nose and the tip of the ears must form a perfect triangle. The nose is thin and straight, and doesn’t present a stop when joining the forehead. The eyes are always of an intense color blue no matter the color of the cloak; they are hazel like and are inclined towards the nose.

They must be separated with a minimum space that should be as wide as an eye is.

Its constitution is thin and stylish, but muscular, with a long and slim neck, long thin legs, and small oval feet.

The tail is long and thin, but with a crest, it ends at a point and is covered with a fine silky hair.

The cloak is sometimes compared with that of the ermine. It has a fine long hair, without any woolly under either fur or collar.

The basic color of the hair is a uniformed white or whitish tone, Exist a cleat contrast between the tones of the background and the ends. The mark of the face must extend itself to the jaw, the bone cheeks and the forehead, but between the ears the color of the background must be observed.

The race only presents color point varieties, and the ends must have a uniformed color density.

In general, the exhibition standards of the Balinese are identical to that of the Siamese, with the exception, of course, of the long hair.

The recognized color varieties for this race vary from one country to another. The International Feline Federation acknowledges the Balinese in the following colors: seal color point (ends of a dark brown tone, called seal, with a cream or beige background, and truffle and soles of the feet also of a seal color), chocolate color point (ends of a chocolate and milk color over an ivory background, and the truffle of the nose and soles of the feet between a cinnamon and pink tone), blue color point (ends of a blue slate over a white background, and truffle and soles of the feet of a blue slate), lilac color point (ends of a pinkish gray over a magnolia tone, and truffle and the soles of the feet pink or lilac); red color point (ends of tones between a slight orange and red over a broken white background, and truffle and soles of the feet of a coral pink color) and finally the cream color point (ends of a cream or beige over a broken white background, and the truffle of the nose and soles of the feet of a coral pink color).

Also acknowledged are the patterns of tortoise and tabby, in its color point varieties.

In the first case, the ends can be of a seal, blue, chocolate or lilac color over an ivory or cream background.

As for the tones of the truffle and the soles of the feet, two possibilities are accepted: They can be of the same color of the ends or well pink.

As for the tabby color point, the tones of the ends may be seal, chocolate, blue, red, lilac or cream and they must combine with the color of the truffle and the soles of the feet.

Also admitted are several combinations of the tabby color point.

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