Basic Kinds of Cats

Thanks to training and selective upbringing, crossbred and purebred cats have maintained their uniqueness and color. The main characteristics that tend to change are their hair and figure, their size and fur, as well as their general body shape.

Cobby Type
The typical examples of “cobbies” are the Persian
and the Exotic Shorthaired. They are short, compact, with short legs, they have wide hips and wide shoulders, their heads are round and their tail is short and bushy.

Foreign Type (Exotic)
The foreign type (Exotic) is slender and elegant, with a thin body, it has a long tail and delicate paws. It has thin bones, its head is prism shape, its ears are upright and its eyes are oblique. This category of cats includes the Siamese, the Exotic Shorthaired and the Egyptian Mau.

Muscular Type
This cat is robust, with strong bones and a sturdy body. Its legs are short and well proportioned. Its head has a shape of an apple and its forehead has a round-like form. Its cheek bones are well defined and its snout is wide and short. Of this kind there is the Burmese, the British Shorthair and the American Shorthair.

Types of Eyes
There are three basic types of shapes: round, almond and oblique. Some of the types of cats with round eyes are the British Shorthair and the Persian. The Abyssinian and the Tonkinese are some of the types with almond eyes. The Siamese and the Exotics have oblique eyes. The color of eyes can vary from being green to crimson gold, or even to an intense blue.

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