Big Cat Enclosure

Big Cat EnclosureWhen working on our big cat enclosure one day my mum almost lost her cat. She had opened up the big cat enclosure that she had for her cat Twinkles so that she could clean it and tidy it up. Twinkles was waiting outside the big cat enclosure for her to finish as my mum always feeds him after cleaning his cat enclosure to make sure that he doesn’t take off while out. Unfortunately someone had left the gate open and the neighbor’s bull terrier came charging and before my mum could do anything had Twinkles by the throat. Well not to be robbed of her cat my mum began fearlessly beating on that muscle bound miniature hulk of a dog with everything she possessed. But that dog was just not going to let go. Finally my mum found a good thick stick and stuck it into that dog’s collar and began turning the stick. Applying a tourniquet type action to the dog’s neck with the co


llar was something someone had once told her could be done in the event that a dog didn’t want to release its bite on something. So my mum started turning that stick and after a while and an incredible amount of pressure against his neck the dog finally let go. Well as you can imagine poor Tom took of like a bat out of hell. He high tailed it up to the roof of our house. There was nothing my poor mum could do to get him to come back down for days so she would just put his food and water out in the yard. She finally coaxed him back into his big cat enclosure but neither of them ever really got over that incident entirely.

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