Build a Cat Shelter

In what kind of situation woulBuild a Cat Shelterd you need to build a cat shelter? The thing you must think about is if your living space, habits, and family are adequate for a cat or if you will need to build a cat shelter for it. If you were the type of person that prefers quieter atmospheres, some of the best options for you would be cats. However happy you and your cat are there are always things that arise that can cause problems. Lets say you get a puppy. It is very normal for cats to get annoyed and jealous of a new puppy that has come to invade his space. Puppies are usually very boisterous and lively and not respectful of a cat’s space. To avoid your cat having to many problems it is best to build a cat shelter that it is in an area accessible only to your cat and not to the dog. Don’t be alarmed if your resentful cat even moves himself out of the house for a while. Just for prevention make sure to cut the cat’s claws to avoid any slashing damage to the new dog or puppy. Another problem that can arise is if you have very young children.


Since cats have very sharp claws the child will inevitably be scratched if they do something that the cat doesn’t like. The best is if you have an older cat that is used to children and will put up with its fur being stroked the wrong way etc... This is another time that it would be good to build a cat shelter, as it will come in handy. Please remember that it is vital for your pets and you that your children are taught to treat animals properly.

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