Build Your Own Cat House

If you Build Cat Housesare going to build your own cat house then here are some tips for you. The first thing you have to decide is what material you are going to use to build your own cat house. I suggest wood. A good wood to use is cedar as it is durable and fairly easy to work with. Make sure that the lumber you use has been treated not only against the weather but also against bugs like termites. Wood is great to work with as cats love it and youBuild Your Own Cat House can shape it into what you want easier than with some other materials. If you are planning to build your own cat house outside then make sure you get any necessary permits from the local municipality. It is a good idea before building anything to go down to the local town hall and ask about any zoning laws for your neighborhood etc… The worst thing is to start building something only to find out part way through that you have to stop. You’ve already spent all that money on the materials and time etc… and now you can’t continue, what a bummer that would be.


After you decide on the material you use it is time to think about your cat’s safety and comfort. The best thing to do if you are going to put your cat house outside is to insulate it. If you are only going build your cat house for inside your home then insulation is not as crucial. But outside the insulation helps protect your feline against both heat and cold. Building your cathouse up high on legs is a great idea whether you put it indoors or outdoors. Cats love to climb and if they have a platform in front of the door then they have somewhere to lie.

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