Build Outdoor Cat Enclosure

It is very important if you have a ccat houseat enclosure built outdoors that you take extra care during the time when your female cat is in heat. How do you know if your cat is in heat and what should you do about it?

When female cats are about six months old, they become sexually mature, this is usually the age that they also begin to go into heat, and it can manifest itself in these ways. The cat becomes excited, meows constantly, flags her tail from side to side and tries to escape from the outdoor cat enclosure. Before a cat begins her first heat, it’s important to find out how to deal with it as unlike dogs, it’s difficult to keep a cat inside the house or even in its cat enclosure. There are other options available to cat owners. Such as if you decide that you do not want your female cat to have kittens, there are two different options. One is you can take the cat to a veterinarian and have them administer a contraceptive medication. This method can be quite complicated to do because female cats go into heat more often than female dogs do and it is more difficult to detect when your cat is going into heat. Another option is spaying and this for most cat owners is probably the best and the most effective option for this problem since there are no side effects. Spaying can even be done at a very young age. Talk about this with


your veterinarian if this you are considering this.

If you are interested in you female cat having kittens, make sure to ask your veterinarian about the best method and on how the take care of the cat until she reaches an appropriate age to become impregnated. A cat’s pregnancy usually lasts around sixty days. At which time you will have the added responsibility of a litter.

Building cat enclosure

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