Build Small Cat House Outdoor

cat houseFor all their independence and aloofness cats are really very sensitive souls and if you are going to build a outdoor cat house or have one built it is important to keep this in mind. There are certain things that cats in general like and dislike. Of course it is impossible to say that every small cathouse that is constructed outdoors needs to be made of wood and be a certain height, length and width. We all know that cats love to be comfortable and if you build with this idea foremost in your mind then you can’t go too wrong. Cats also like to be higher than everyone else so if your cat house is elevated again this is a plus in most cases. You can always cover your construction material (be it wood or otherwise) with carpet, rug or even a natural rope, like sisal. This helps to give it a more plush appearance and feel.


Cats also like to climb and play so if you can provide your cat with a play area inside your house or outside near its cat house, the happiness of your feline is all but assured. Of course there is always the exception to the rule and it is true that some cats would much prefer to laze around all day than to have to climb or exert any physical energy. If cats are not exercised regularly though they tend to get overweight and that can have very serious consequences later on in their life. Cats who are overweight are much more susceptible to joint problems among other things. Having your small cat house insulated especially if it is outdoors is another way to ensure the happiness of your cat and its acceptance of its new house. Insulation helps to make the temperature inside the house much more pleasant as whether it is hot outside or cold, the temperature inside the cathouse remains pretty much unchanged.

Build cat house outdoor

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