Building Cat Enclosures

Building Cat EnclosuresOne of the key elements to building cat enclosures is in the plan. Now if you don’t have a good plan your best efforts will fall short. You can often find free plans for building cat enclosures if you know where to look. But if you can afford to have a professional architect or cat furniture specialist draw one up for you with the specific things that you want and need for your cat then that is the best of course. The biggest draw back to free cat enclosures plans is that you have to go with what you find. Of course if you like the plan you can always get it slightly modified. When working with wood you must make sure that it has been treated so that it lasts and doesn’t fall prey to bugs or the weather. Cedar wood is great for building cat enclosures. But even if you don’t choose cedar wood or any wood for that matter, it is with the plan that you need to begin. With a good plan you can work out a good budget to be sure that you will be able to finish what you start. Keep in mind that whatever budget you are working with, in the end you will go over. It is almost one of the sures


t things in life. You plan, you prepare, you do your best to save and scrimp on the pennies but still you will go over. However if you get a good start and play it smart then hopefully you won’t go over too much. And you will be able to finish building lovely cat enclosures that you and your felines will enjoy and all the neighborhood cats will envy.

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