Building Cat Enclosure

Whenever building a cat enclosure it is very important to remember that though cats are independent creatures, for the most part, they are also very sensitive and in need of special care. Never just assume that because your cat is aloof that the things you do or offer to it do not have a profound impact on it whether for good or bad. Being insensitive to your feline’s special and personalized needs is a crime that should be avoided at all costs. If you plan on building your cat an enclosure and you are not certain what things it would like to have inside the enclosure either as its house or furniture then hold off building anything until you have followed the advice I am about to give you. What does your cat like? Do you really know? Are you sure? If not then take some time to find out. It really isn’t that hard to do and it will make all the difference in the world to your cat when you introduce it to the, soon to be, newly bcat houseuilt enclosure. Would you prefer your cat to enter into the enclosure and purr or simply take one look and walk away? Ok, so here are some questions to ask yourself. Does your cat like to climb? Is your cat energetic or lazy? Does your cat like wood or synthetic materials? Is it partial to any particular types of wood, e.g. Cedar wood? Does your feline like its privacy or is it outgoing and social? Are your cat’s favorite places up high or down low? What kinds of toys or playthings does it find most enjoyable? Is your cat warm blooded or cold blooded? By taking some time find the answers to these questions you will be able to begin building a cat enclosure that will be a sure winner. Design cat outdoor play enclosure

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