Building Plans for Cat Houses

Building plans for cat houses comcat housee in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a beautiful wooden Cedar cat house or if you just want a simple area where your cat can play, eat and rest in working with a plan is always a good idea. I once had a cat that detested any type of cat house or enclosure. I had drawn up some very nice building plans for cat houses and had found someone to put them together for me. Since I have two cats I decided to build them each there own house. There are some very nice duplexes on the market but I decided against them in favor of having two separate cat houses. I figured my cat that doesn’t like cat houses or enclosures would change its mind when it saw the new houses being put up for it. But no it was not to be. That cat took one look at the new house and went back to its favorite spot on the porch. That night it was outside my bedroom window meowing and asking me to let it in to sleep with me on my bed. Well I didn’t know what to do and after trying many different things, but all to no avail. I finally decided just to sell the wooden cathouse that had been made for my cat. I don’t know if I made the right decision and all the work that I put into drawing up the building plans for the cat hous


es now seems like a waste but at least I won’t make that mistake again. One of my cats stays in its cat house and the other comes to my bed at night. During the day they are both outside and play together, keeping each other company. Building plans cat shelter

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