Cares to the Mother and the Kittens

At this stage the eyes sometimes secrete mucus that we should clean with a paper tissue soak in lukewarm water.

When born, they all have blue eyes, this color stays with them at least for twelve weeks; in some races, the definitive color doesn’t develop until a year has fast.

The first days you will have to observe if all the whelps receive their share of milk. They all choose a nipple by instinct, which they identify by the smell of their own bodies.

It might occur that a whelp will reject its nipple and start to meow downhearted. If this is the case, call the veterinary, because the mother might be suffering from mastitis, pathology of the mammary glands.

The cat has eight mammas, so there is enough for all of them. Feed the mother four times a day to guarantee its best health condition during the period of suckling and for the milk to be of the best quality, and always put fresh water at her reach.

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