Caring for an Old Cat

Signs of Aging: The hopes of life for a domestic cat are of about 14 years, although there are some that live longer. There are proves that sterilized cats live longer than does that age not, but this may be because of the fact that they go out less ad get in less trouble than for purely medical reasons.

Cats are active and playful until more or less 12 years of age, usually ten years of a cat represent sixty years of a human being, not a too advanced age, but it does affect some behaviors. For example, with more years their time of reaction takes longer, they loose eyes and ears sharpness, and the lapse of intense activity are followed by even  longer periods of rest. Nevertheless, there are some cats that keep on hunting during the rest of their life.

When the cat is 10 years, it is advisable to increase the visits to the veterinary to be examined at two per year and, of course, to be pendent on their vaccinations, because old cats present less resistance to determine infectious diseases.

The most common signs of aging are very subtle changes in the behavior, as having fewer desires for going out, overall when there is cold and rain, to sleep longer and a certain diminishing of the appetite. The playing is each time less merry and they tend to get tired more easily.

As time goes by, the cloak looses its luster and stars to gray on the snout. On males the cheeks start to hang.

Cats tend to naturally loose weight  as the years go by, but there are some that become obese if they are fed too much or don’t do enough exercise. It is important to foment the exercise between older cats, and in case of those who go outside, we mustn’t  forget that as they get older they won’t feel like going out and will hunt less.

Now then, a cat will never renounce entirely to its freedom, no matter how old they are, so the advice is to shorten the time they spend outside and not to let them go out on bad weather days.

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