Cat Enclosure Building Plans

Cat Enclosure Building PlansWhen preparing cat enclosure building plans there are many things you must take into account. One of the most important elements of a successfully and safely constructed cat enclosure is a good cathouse. To find a well put together cat enclosure building plans is not as easy as one might imagine. There are amazingly few places to get plans if you want them for free. On the World Wide Web it is possible, if you look hard enough and put enough time into it, to find some very nice plans. However one must always be careful as the cat enclosure building plans might be drawn up by someone completely unskilled or untrained.

When deciding what cat house plan to use make sure that you consider all the variables. Like, what type of house is best for your breed of cat? Whether you will be insulating the house or connecting it to an environment control system. If you attach a AC/Heater to your cat house you probably want to insulate it. Will your cat enclosure be exposed to rain, wind or snow? Are there problems with


parasites or other pests in your area? All of these things will affect the cat enclosure building plans you use and the type of construction material you should use.

After you have your cat house plan but before you begin actually building it there are a few essential things which you must check into. Drop by your local city hall and ask about zoning laws or whether you might need a building permit etc…. Also keep in mind your neighbors who might be very conscious of the appearance of the neighborhood. It is not a very pleasant experience to start building a big outdoor cat enclosure only to have to stop half way through due to legal or neighborhood problems.

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