Cat Shelter

I had inherited some pet Cat Sheltercat furniture and so decided to find a cat shelter to donate it to. While searching online for a suitable cat shelter I found some very sad information. Unfortunately, many neglectful owners fail to have their cats neutered and thus condemn the mother cats to a life of giving birth and litter raising up to 2 or more times per year throughout their breeding life. Cute as kittens are, they soon grow into adults and swell the numbers of unwanted pets searching for new homes. The pregnant mothers that arrive at a cat shelter are the lucky ones; their current litter will be their last! As soon as the kittens are weaned and vaccinated at 8 weeks, the mother will be spayed. The kitten season begins around the start of spring and many a cat shelter has to prepare for the huge task of rec


eiving many litters during the summer months. I also learned that you should be careful if you buy kittens from a pet shop or non-reputable breeder, as you can pay a premium price for a kitten that has not been examined by a vet, not been for fleas or worms and has not been vaccinated. Although tempting for the kind hearted person to try and “rescue” kittens from this type of environment, by agreeing to a high price you will only encourage these sellers to repeatedly breed their sexually mature cats and take the kittens away earlier than they should which often results in weak, poorly developed cats that could carry disease. Well after reading all of the information I finally decided to get a cat from a cat shelter and give it a home of its own.

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