Cat Tree House

ICat Tree Housenvesting in a tall cat tree house was probably one of the best things we ever did for Mighty Mouse. Trusty our brown spaniel used to attack Mighty Mouse our black and white mixed cat whenever he could get away with it. So we finally decided that our cat needed a location in the house high up. Once we had that cat tree house installed, our cat could go there to find safety when inside the house. Their friendship was never too bad and most of the time they got along together after we had taught them to be respectful of one another. We had some other problems with our dog and cat due to their unique natures. As you are probably aware dogs will eat cat feces, so we had to be sure to keep the cat’s litter in a place completely inaccessible to your dog. We had to not only give our cat and dog their own food/water bowls but also their own areas for meal times. Once Mighty Mouse had his cat tree house he could relax and play there and it provided a safe area where he could go if being harassed by Trusty. We found that sometimes our cat would intentionally bother Trusty the dog and wou


ld give him a really hard time but that was something that Trusty would usually deal with just by barking to let our cat know that he was about to get into trouble. We had to make sure that our dog didn’t use Mighty Mouse’s cat tree house as a territory marker because if he had urinated on it I don’t think that our cat would have appreciated it too much. Around the same time as we got the cat tree house we also got Trusty some new dog toys and that seem to keep him content.

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