Cat Aggressiveness and Spasms

Supposedly the reason for aggressiveness is the repression of the behavior for hunting. Same old food, same bowl, same hour, especially when dealing with an animal that is a passionate hunter. A solution would be a toy. A mouse or a ball is a good option. Even better a mousetrap with a plastic mouse that jabbers on automatic. You can find all that in any animal store. Its fun for them trying to catch a mouse. Only when these resources don’t work at all, it is advisable to consider hormonal treatment to discipline it. 

A cat, which apparently had no problems, suddenly stays prostrated with certain immobility followed by spasms.  Manifestations can include from uncontrolled movements of the eyes, up to serious convulsions in which the whole body of the animal contracts. 

Could it be rabies? Poisoning? Theoretically it’s possible and the distinction has to be made by a veterinarian. Has to be described accurately, usually people tend to exaggerate duration, for what is better to consult with the clock. I would first think it’s epilepsy, but on the other hand, it’s rare in cats. More rare than in dogs. Nursing cats occasionally suffer spasms related to the production of milk.  What ever it is, if an attack is produced, everything we can provide the animal at home is silence and dim light. treatment, which has many possibilities of success, it’s a matter for the veterinarian.

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