Cat Bathing

To bathe a cat, as to trim their claws, is a job for two persons: one to hold the animal and the other to bathe him.

The best bath for a cat is a big tub; put it on the floor of the working area of the kitchen and surround it with abundant towels due that the splashes will be unavoidable. The water must not be hot, but moderate warm; you can prove the temperature with the elbow, as you do with the bath of a baby.

You can use a specific shampoo for cats or a shampoo for babies; under no concept you will use a shampoo normal for human adults. Before bathing the cat, you will already have gotten rid of as much as possible of any stain of paint, tar or other difficult substances. The best method to bathe a cat is to put inside the water first the front legs and then the hind legs, this way the animal will always have contact with a dry and stable surface. The celerity is essential. Wet the entire cloak and then apply the shampoo, avoiding the eyes, the ears, nose and mouth. Immediately after, rinse it once or twice to make sure no shampoo is left. If you have a spraying bottle, use it.

Have hot towels at hand to dry him immediately, because cats are inclined to catching colds.

Some cats tolerate the use of a hair dryer (at a slow velocity, not to hot and without any noise), but don’t insist if you see he is annoyed. After the bath, brush him as usual and keep him in a dry place until he is completely dry.

Dry Bath
For the more pusillanimous and the many owners of short hair cats that don’t considered necessary to bathe them, there exists another alternative of using a shampoo in dry or to submit them to a bathe with bran.

You will find special shampoos in dry at the pet shops, although many people use powder talc without perfume, or starch.

Again this is a job for two persons. First you have to “Open” the cloak by giving him a brushing against the grain; then you sprinkle the product and distribute it smoothly with your fingers.

You must left the product act during a few hours, during which the cat will lick itself and shake some of the product off. To take the rest off, brush and comb him in extent.

The norms of exhibitions prohibit the participation of cats whose cloaks present remains of cleaning products, for which the dry baths must be done at least 4 days before the event. Also it is prohibited to use any kind of tint or dyeing substance that may alter the natural color of the cloak of a cat.

The procedure for giving the cat a bath of bran is similar. Buy the kind of bran used as rabbit food, heat it and distribute it smoothly along the cloak. Let it act during a few hours and then brush in extent to take off the bran.

Do not use powders or tales on cats of dark hair, because the remainders would look like dandruff. There are many formulas to intensify the tones of dark cloaks, from rum of laurel to cologne water, or a solution of ammonia. Any one of these products could provoke an allergic reaction; do not use them without consulting first with the veterinary.

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