Cat Behavior

Most of the people always see cats (their own and the others) individually. The cat is in many senses, a solitary animal that usually avoids company.

Cats without doubt prefer to be alone when they hunt (the lion is the only feline that hunts in packs) and to travel their territory and, as we humans usually find them in this activity, it can be said that the story of Rudyard Kipling the cat who walked alone, from the book of stories of it was like that, describes faithfully the reality.

Social Life of Cats
In the domestic scope, the cat is independent from its specie partners since he is a kitten, always that he has food, lodging and human company.

But female wild cats live in packs of female adults and whelps that sleep and play together, the cleanse each other and all defend their territory, and, given the case, domestic cats will follow variations of this conduct.

Territorial Scope
Wild females occupy very small territories that include places in which they feed and sleep, which coincide with those of other females.

The shared zone is a common territory, where they may establish social contact.

The males move through more extent spaces (a typical male territory is ten times bigger than that of a female) and its territory can include several  female territories.

The female cats are single mothers. After mating, the male goes away or is kicked out by the female, who then installs herself in another place to confront alone the pregnancy and birth.

Six or seven weeks later after a fructiferous birth, she begins to look for an adequate place for her litter: warm, secure, calmed and reserved for her.

It is a time of great uneasiness, and it is probable that the female will try and discard several places before deciding.

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