Cat Bites and Scratches

Male cats treat each other with absolute roughness. The exhausted fighter lasts almost always patiently and tolerates hair cutting and powder to treat wounds where they can’t lick them. Dog bites are more dangerous. In case of a fight, I’m more afraid of a dog. However, hunters of trained cats possess a mortal skill. Without paying attention to any tear, they grasp the cat by the body and shake it from one side to the other. This way the spinal column breaks and the animal is dead. Only in rare occasions will be able to run away. 

However, if the cat got lucky, we will only find injuries without importance caused by dog fangs. However, the jolt will have affected part of the skin. Bacteria will go through the bite orifice and, after two to three days, the cat will be badly ill. This condition has to be taken seriously and no home remedy is valid. A veterinarian will apply something to malignant wounds, open drainage exits and prescribe antibiotics for several days.

Car Accidents
Only in rare occasions will you be able to witness a car accident where the victim is your cat. So we now talk about what to do in case you see another cat being hit by a car. When a car hits it and throws it out far, injuries are always serious. Nevertheless, it will try to run away confused, even on three legs and with bleeding and painful wounds. 

In any case, it should be taken immediately to a veterinarian. We say as soon as possible, but sometimes it’s harder.  If you have a car and know where a veterinarian is close by, you should take it as soon as you have put it away in the trunk. I know it’s not the ideal place, but you also have to think about yourself. It’s possible that you don’t mind the mess it can make, but a non-supervised cat, which is totally terrified, can disconcert the driver and provoke an accident. If you don’t want to take it or don’t know any veterinarian close by; go directly to a police. They will know a physician and will take care of the transportation. If you have the cat and don’t have transportation, contact a police. 

When the animal is seriously injured, desire arises, perfectly understandable, of liberating it of any suffering as soon as possible.  It’s some hard and painful, considering cats are very resistant. To avoid a hard scene, don’t be close by. Now a day we know that cats that are seriously injured don’t feel any pain because their body segregates compassionate tranquilizing substances.

Gunshot wound
Cat’s incredible resistance that has been seriously injured can drag them home. Multiple possibilities do not allow me to expose any valid general rule. I can only say it has to be taken to a veterinarian immediately. 

A gunshot wound by a small caliber or carbines of compressed air are not easy to verify. Hunters don’t use inappropriate weapons. The entrance of a gun shot can barely be discover and the bullet usually stays inside the body. A gunshot wound will only be suspected when a small wound does not preserve proportion with the gravity of the general symptoms. It could also be injuries produced by birdshots. The presence of a few small granites or boils will not call our attention until a few days have passed by and the wound has swollen. X rays will solve any doubts. The extraction of any bullet will always be a difficult task for a veterinarian. The most favorable shots are the ones with an exit, which heal well receiving appropriate car, if no vital organ has been affected. 

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