Cat Boils and abscesses

More than one cat has been taken to a veterinarian with diagnosis of cancer. The specialist opens the nodule with a rapid slit and sprouts pus. Thankfully, it is only a boil or an abscess. Boil originates in a hair follicle, whereas an abscess saturated of pus, can be formed in the whole body. 

In general, tumor nodules are painless and cold, whereas accumulations of pus hurt and give heat sensation. In cats everything is complicated. A tumor can decompose in bulkiness and get confused with an inflammation. I dissuade vividly any domestic intervention to open a suspicious nodule in agreement with the saying, if pus comes out; it is a boil or an abscess. From time to time, you can observe cats with several nodules in the skin the size of a cherry. You must tell the veterinarian if your cat has been wandering off the house.

Sebaceous cysts
Sometimes you can feel under the skin soft nodules as if they were full of some liquid. With time they start growing slowly until they can reach the size of a tomato. They are cold when you touch them, don’t seem to be inflamed and are painless. When they are open, it sprouts a thick mass. However, not everything finishes with the cut, since the cyst returns to fill rapidly. Cysts must be completely extracted together with the capsule and after that comes the healing. The affection is obviously benign. 

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