Cat Breeding

Breeding cats is a fascinating occupation, but it requires of much time, money and study. The professionals that dedicate themselves to cat breeding have it clear that with it they won’t get rich, but it is an all time work.

Maybe, though not being a professional would like your cat to give to birth at least once before being sterilized.

Reasons for Breeding
Some people believe that it is just to give female cats an opportunity to give to birth at least once before being sterilized, but veterinarians have discarded any physical or psychological benefit from it.

Other arguments are that raising kittens is an enriching educational experience for children, because it gives then the opportunity to observe how the whelps are born and how the mother cares for them, although this can be attained by taking the children to a friendly breeder when there are animals at the point of giving to birth and by afterwards making sporadically visits to observe how the mother cares for them.

What you have to do before beginning the adventure of breeding is to find homes for the whelps. So, the first step is to ask your parents ad friends and to obtain promises from them to keep and care for the kittens they will receive.

Don’t even think of taking the whelps to pet shops or any other ideas of selling them.

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