Cat Car and Airplane Transport

Car transport
Here are some basic rules for anyone that is traveling by car. First, the trunk is not a place for animals, they have a bad tool smell, gases from the exhaust pipe can get in and it needs human contact. So always take your cat with you in the car. Always keep them inside a container, which it wont be able to get away. The ideal ones are made of plastic used for transportation and for the house

All other transport methods are not advisable. If it has a leash, it might bother the driver and besides, it’s exposed to air currents. Having them loose inside cars is very dangerous; it will throw itself against us in case of an abrupt break or a horn that scares him. 

Dizziness accompanied by vomits is rare in cats. To avoid this, abstain from feeding it four hours before hitting the road. Sedatives especially made to avoid nauseas give good results. Your veterinarian will suggest something useful for your trip. When you have to stop somewhere, cats must be tied with something and only then can you take it somewhere. If not, you risk the chance of chasing it. As for how long the car trip has to be, intelligent cats are more sensible than persons. 

Airplane transport
For plane transportation, you must place your cat in a special container to transported in the airplane and then pick it up, probably a little bit scared, once you arrive.

What happens during the airplane ride? Your cat will suffer and not because of thirst or hunger, but from the terrible noise and smell, incomprehensible changes in atmospheric pressure and total lack of human contact. In deed a bad experience for them. 

The best thing for that are tranquilizers. But before applying any, you must test them first since each cat can reacts in different ways. In some airlines, it’s possible to transport your cat with you in the cabin. 

Custom formalities
Unfortunately, procedures change constantly. In some countries, traveling is totally prohibited, in others; anti rabies vaccines are enough to enter some countries. Ask before, because some vaccines have to be observed with certain time. I don’t advice smuggling cats. Besides paying the fine, you risk the health and life of your loved cat. 

Instead of vacations
You can’t allow your cat to live free vacations as a hunter. The danger of loosing it or leaving is too high. The best solution is to take it somewhere where they will take care of it and the lair and refuge will be the bed, which it is used to. 

We can’t expect to find a place hermetically closed of for cats. That is why they need to be with a leash. If it’s strapped on to a harness, it will be able to be liberated in case of a dog assault or in danger of any injury. Those modern roll up leashes give more liberty. You should get your cat get used to using a leash inside the house. It wont walk beside you like a dog does, it will go after its own inclinations and you must follow it. 

food is not a problem nowadays either, you can take enough prepared food comfortably. Unlike humans, cats have little interest in exotic refinements. Avoid any diarrhea during this trip. All this results less attractive. Vacations like this do not imply any pleasure for cats and even with the best intentions we put into it, we can’t do anything to change it. 

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