Cat Castration

As long as cats receive hormonal pills, they will live sexually calm. If they stop taking them, they will become sexually fertile again. Some people might want this, however the situation will be different if someone forgets to give them their pill and you start seeing how the belly starts growing. 

Castration, on the other hand, is a definitive intervention that sexually neutralizes cats once and for all. The intervention has an advantage that, as natural, it can also be a disadvantage: results are irreversible. Totally anesthetized, both ovaries and a part of the womb are extirpated. Part of the ablation of the womb is to prevent piometra, which can be seen in cats that have only had their ovaries extirpated. The operation is not simple, though anatomical conditions are more favorable than in dogs.  Nowadays, thanks to an essential improvement in anesthesia for cats, which previously were problematic, and the refinement and standardization of surgical technologies, castration has turned into a routine intervention.  Any veterinarian can do this procedure. Cats must fast rigorously for 24 hours. They are only allowed to drink water, but not milk. I would advice castration once reached sexual maturity, around the age of six to seven months. Some colleagues complain because they say ovaries are still to small and can’t find them, but it’s an advantage not allowing a first fecundation take place. Nursing cats can be operated after a week of weaning. If you have a cat that arrives to your house once it’s already sexually mature, the best is to castrate once it has already adapted to her new home. Also you have to see the possibility if it’s pregnant and if so, the veterinarian has to know. As long as the belly is not so big as if it’s about to explode, pregnancy does not constitute an obstacle. And what if it’s already sterilized. Veterinarians can check by looking if there are any scars. If there is any doubt, you should wait for heat or for it to get pregnant.

Castration has been guaranteed in the whole world as a normal method for sexual neutralization. It’s a one time only expense and is absolutely sure. The main disadvantage is that it’s something definite. Possible changes in cats such as in mood character or body shape are not reversible, though always it can be treated with some hormonal treatment and diets.

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