Cat Championships

Participant cats in the pedigree levels must be registered since whelps in the appropriate organizations. Also, there are usually levels for cats without pedigree, that are very useful for the apprenticeship of young owners which pets are judged sometimes in its proper own level.

Some associations also permit the registry of cats without pedigree that can compete for the category of championship under diverse titles.

These levels without pedigree have supposed the debut of many enthusiastic impellers of the several feline associations and they constitute an important center of connection between the specialized world of breeding and the general well being of cats, a so eminent finality as is its function as an organism of registry for cats with pedigree and the control of exhibitions.

For this reason, they receive with pleasure the participation of any amateur.

Higher Levels
Below the level of exhibitions there are the presentations, that are less formal, although also highly competitive, and they follow the same general rules.

In North America this category doesn’t exist, but they often celebrate non-formal exhibitions. The awards obtained in these exhibitions don’t have official recognition.

Grades of Championships
A potential champion cat usually begins of career in presentations, were its owner can verify its behavior during an exhibition and prepare him for the competition.

From there he may go to official exhibitions. Levels divide these exhibitions. A cat who hasn’t participated before in any championship is presented at the lowest level; from there, they have to keep on adding certificates of aptitude (each level requires a determine number of certificates given by a number of judges) to keep on advancing until they can acquire the title of great champion.

In Europe, besides, cats can advance to other levels to obtain the tittles of international champion and of great international champion.

In North America, each association has its own standards or norms, although in no case it is required for the cat to have obtained any certificate on different exhibitions to obtain the title of champion.

The title of Great Champion is obtained in function of the points accumulated in a series of exhibitions.

The structures described are for whole cats (non castrated) and the reward for the breeders of the champion, apart from the pleasure of having a winner, is the prestige higher fees they obtain from the champion cat as stud or in the selling of their whelps at higher costs.

There is a similar structure, but independent, for castrated cats, with the title of premier instead of champion.

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