Cat Diseases, Abrasions and Illnesses - Eye Diseases

Eye Disease
Cat’s eyes are a wonderful mirror of their corporal condition. We can rely on them more than the nose condition, or to be exact, top of the snout. Eyes have to be shinny and clear and must be full of expressiveness. Any tears or serous that are more than normal, must be checked by a doctor. This analysis does not have to begin in the eye, but has to conclude in it. Once the analysis is done, we can decide subsequent steps. Three things are important:

  • Does it participate in what is happening in their environment? Does it behave normal?
  • How is the appetite?
  • Does it have fever?

If it has an apathetic conduct, appetite has diminished and has fever, forget about the eye. It is obvious that it has to do with a general infection and must be examined by a veterinarian. 

Do not forget the vaccination certificate, which is important for the doctor; if you have bad conscience for having forgotten or neglected a vaccine, confess it. It will save the veterinarian from long speculations, for cat’s unsuccessful treatments and to you, therefore, money. However, if it has good appetite, does not have fever and continues behaving with normality, then try to have an eye examination. The exam can be done with an inexpensive instrumental set and without complicated methods. The inspection can be done in a semi dark room with the help of a small flashlight. 

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