Cat Ear Injuries

Apart from car accidents, ear injuries are produced exclusively in catfights. Ear wounds can bleed considerably, but they do not constitute a mortal danger. We will barely have an occasion to stop the hemorrhage.  Fights happen at night, in the middle of darkness. The following morning, all we can do is direct our cat words of consolation or admiration. The situation is different when wounds get swollen. Small scratches heal quickly, but notable accumulations of pus can be formed under the skin. In such cases, their ears, eyes and sometimes the head swell up. Cats become apathetic, have fever and loose appetite. To avoid this, we should treat these wounds carefully. Infected ear wounds must have medical treatment. The most important thing to do is let the pus come out by means of an appropriate cut. After that, the cats condition will start healing quickly and you will see them returning again to their night wanderings. 

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