Cat Enclosure Glass Wood

When you are making decisions about what kind cat to get and all of the accompanying accessories it is good to plan the kind of relationship you hope to build with your feline. If you want a distant relationship it is fine to build your cat an enclosure. But if you want a closer relationship to your cat then you might want to think about giving it the run of your house. If you build your cat an enclosure, wood is one of the best materials to use. It is best to avoid using breakable or potentially dangerous materials like glass in the construction. As far as relations with your cat a lot depends on you. Cats can be very affectionate towards humans, especially if they have spent a lot of time with them from a very young age and were treated with consistent affection. The attitutde of humans towards cats varies widely. Some humans keep cats for companionship. Cat lovers go to great lengths to pamper their cats, sometimes treating them almost as if they were children. When a cat developes a bond with its human owner the cat may display behaviors similar to that of the human. Such behavior may include a trip to the litter box before bedtime and snuggling up close to its companion in bcat houseed or on the sofa. Cats are also capable of learning to communicate with humans using non-spoken language or body language such as rubbing for affection (confirmation), facial expressions and making eye-contact with the owner if something needs attention. Allergies to cat dander are one of the most common causes for people taking a disliking to cats. Many chose to cope with cat allergies by taking perscription allergy medicine and bathing their cats frequently, since weekly bathing will eliminate about 90% of the cat dander present in the environment.

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