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One of the cat housemost common reasons for constructing a cat enclosure outdoors and putting your cat house there is because of cats tendency to use furniture as scratching posts. Often it is the cat owner's favourite chair that ends up being the most destroyed by the cat’s claws, because the cat is responding to its owner's scent. Cats which are allowed to go outside or are provided with scratching posts are less likely to have this problem because when outside they can sharpen their claws on trees or use the scratching post. If you don’t keep your cat in an outdoor or indoor enclosure it is emperative that you try give your cat a scratching post, though you may have to try several to find one your cat likes. Often a log of wood with the bark still works better than commercial scratching posts. Putting your smell on the scratching post may improve cats affection towards the post. Something you can try if you are having problems with your cat scratching your household furniture, is cover the furniture with aluminium foil as it usually helps to discourage the cat. Or when your cat starts scratching furniture, shooting at it with a small low-pressure water pistol as this is another very effective way to teach your cat to leave the furniture alone. The water pistol never be used unless your cat is doing something bad. Another possible solution is to have your cat declawed. However it must be noted that this is a very drastic measure and can have serious consequences for your cat. As such declawing should only be done in very rare circumstances or when there is just no alternative. If you have your cat enclosure and cat house outdoors then the furniture problem is usually not an issue unless you bring


your cat inside. When you have your cat inside just be sure to keep an eye on it and don’t let it wander around by itself.

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