Cat Enclosure House Outdoors

I had my cat enclcat houseosure and cat house outdoors which was fine until my cat started meowing a lot at night. I wanted to know why my cat was meowing and what I found out was incredible. Did you know that a cat's pronunciation of a meow varies significantly depending on the meaning. Usually cats meow to indicate pain, request human attention (to be fed or played with, for example), or as a greeting. There are some cats that are naturally very vocal, and others almost never meow. Something interesting is that cats are capable of about 100 different vocalisations, compared to about 10 for dogs.

A kitten's meow first starts out high pitched and is usually a squeak-like sound. This then deepens over time. Cats also produce a purring noise that normally indicates that the cat is happy, it has been observed that in some cases cats purr when distressed as a self-calming action. Cats purr among themselves to, as with a mother and her kittens. Amazingly enough the exact mechanism for purring is unknown. Theories include vibration of the cat's false vocal chords when inhaling and exhaling, the sound of blood hitting the aorta, vibration of the hyoid apparatus, or resonation directly in the lungs. In addition to purring, happy cats may blink slowly or partially close their eyes to communicate their ease in the situation.

Another way that cats communicate is through growling, hissing or snarling when angered or in


danger. Some cats may even engage in nipping behavior or batting with their paws, either with claws extended or retracted. This can be a dangerous activity with cats who are improperly socialised or that do not know their own strength, as a cat scratching with its claws can result in inadvertent damage to human skin.

Cat enclosure house outdoor

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