Cat Evaluation

After judging the individual levels, the event arrives to its climax with the determination of the tittles to the best show, best of variety or similar. This is a collective decision, taken by several expert judges that examine the cats and then vote.

Although that they have to share the responsibility, these judges confront the shore of choosing between the best cats of the exhibition, for which the difference in quality among them will be minimal.

The judges count with the help of the commissaries and the secretaries in most of the European and North American countries, the commissary is the one in charge of looking for the cat at its cage, when the exhibitioner doesn’t and to take it to the circle of the judges, where he will be evaluated.

IN Great Britain, the commissary is in charge of the judge cart, which goes from cage to cage; take out each cat to be examined by the judge in the cart. The cart and the hands of the commissary are disinfected after examining each cat.

 The secretary prepares with anticipation the judges book with the number of each candidate, he writes the judges commentary and the punctuation given by him, and acts as a messenger between the judge and the secretary ship of the exhibition once the winners have been chosen.

Not the exhibitioners or the public can talk to the judges before the event is ended. However, after, most of the judges will be pleased to comment with the exhibitioners about the valuations and to give them advice for future exhibitions.

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