Cat Exhibition Standards

The basic documents that rule the world of pedigree cats are the standard defined by the feline associations of each country for each of the recognized races by them.

The standards describe the general aspects of the race and also they center in each part of the anatomy describing determine features, as the slope of the eyes, the size of the ears of the length of the tail. They also describe the cloak, detailing the texture, quality and color.

Some varieties require that the marks of the cloak be of a certain class and specific density; sometimes, the proportion of the different  colors of the cloak are defined (as the tortoise and white colors) or the position of the different colors.

The standard also indicates the color of the eyes permitted, the marks on the tail and the extension of color point in the breeds and correspondent varieties.

Moreover, some standards specify the defects, as is the strabismus in the Siamese or the curried tail in almost all the races.

Perfect Standards
The standard is, in fact, a description of a perfect exemplary of a breed and of the variety of concrete colors allowed at exhibitions. Of course, there doesn’t exist in any breed a perfect exemplary, but all the cats of race that participate in an important event are very near to perfection. For it, it is recommended for the amateurs to go to the exhibitions accompany by an expert that can explain the subtleties of quality that justifies the verdict of a judge, and to know other experts of this world in the advantage of being member of a local feline club. It is good to underline that the standard is not necessarily the description of a cat deserving of a prize, because there exists other factors that can influence in the decision of a judge.

For example, a cat can coincide exactly with the standard but not have the adequate character to participate in exhibitions or have  some health problem. An extreme example would be, for a cat to bite a judge: some judges would disqualify for this act, and it’s the judge who has the last word.

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