Cat Falls

A bad fall can cause serious injuries to cats. An adult cat may fall from a height of up to 6 meters without taking any damage, but from that limit on the most probable is that he will be injured. The shaking might cause a brain commotion and by it a total or partial loss of conscience.

In spite that the cat has landed on its feet, he can injure its front legs and the head, and even if the damage isn’t evident at first sight, always take him to the veterinary for examination. Meanwhile keep him warm and try to calm him.

Electrical Discharges
Electric wires are especially attractive to kittens, which expose themselves to suffering a discharge on their legs or their mouth if bitten. These situations are usually lethal.

If your cat suffers something like that, being dead or alive, the first step is to shut off the electricity on the main control board. If the animal is still alive, treat the commotion while the veterinary  arrives.

Electrical dangers can be avoid by teaching the cats at an early stage not to play with wires and cables and by securing them with clamps to the wall so they won’t be loose and hanging.

Try not to give cats things to play that are similar to wires or cables, this will avoid any confusion.

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