Cat Games, Climbing Structures and Fun at Home

Cat Games: Anything that moves attracts a cat because it gives them a chance to improve their hunting abilities. They like nothing better than chasing a piece of rope on the floor or hanging temptingly in the air, and will even stock a light ray moving on the wall. play “cat and mouse” with your cat, moving a toy around unpredictably and stopping suddenly. Let it jump, catch and “kill” the toy before you move it again.

Climbing Structures: A climbing structure with many levels can be very therapeutic for indoor cats. They offer the cats an opportunity to stretch, scratch and enjoy of the high places where they can observe their world, as they would in nature.

Fun At Home: Pet stores offer all kind of sophisticated toys for cats, but cats aren’t picky and will have fun with simple home-made toys. The key is variety. Cats get bored with a toy especially after some time, so it’s a good idea to have a few in a box and give them one at a time.

  • Your cat will enjoy playing “soccer” with a ping-pong ball, a paper ball or an aluminum foil ball.
  • Give it a large paper bag to play in and tear apart (don’t use plastic bags and cut off any handles that can get tangled in the neck).
  • Seal a large box and cut big holes in it so that your cat can jump through them. Better yet, glue many boxes together joined by holes so that your kittens can play hide-and-seek.
  • Do you have a needle and thread handy? Prepare a pillow or a small sack of cloth filled with dry catnip, an herb that cats love.
  • Prepare a fishing rod with a stick and a piece of string with a handful of feathers or a paper ball at the end of the string.
  • Make dinner time more fun, throwing around pieces of dried food through the kitchen for the cat to chase and eat.

Note:When you hold a cat, place it close to your body, with a hand under the chest, between the front legs, and the other hand holding the back legs, supporting the weight. Never pick it up from the skin on the back of the neck, you can cause serious damage. Teach your kids how to handle the pet, because if the cat feels oppressed it will try to free itself and this may bring bad consequences.

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