Cat Grooming and Equipment

Devices for Grooming
To brush a shorthaired cat you will need a metal comb with thin teeth and maybe a soft brush. For a longhaired cat you will need a hard bristle and a comb with wide teeth and probably a pair of scissors with a round point to cut the knots from its fur.

Equipment for Brushing
Having good equipment for brushing helps keep the longhaired and shorthaired cats clean and well combed. Not all of the following devices are necessary; for shorthaired cats all you need is a metal comb. Here are some types: rubber comb; bristled comb; soft comb; round pointed scissors to cut off the knots and tangles; combs with thin teeth or flea comb; metal combs with wide teeth.

A Well Groomed Cat
Brushing should be part of your cat’s routine. The majority of cats like it and it has a lot of advantages. It stimulates circulation, it is good for the muscular tone and by removing loose hairs you minimize hair balls that get inside the stomach. It also gives you the opportunity to find fleas, parasites and ticks in the ears, wounds and abscesses. Brushing is also a pleasant experience which strengthens the bond between cats and their owners.

  • Shorthaired cats need a weekly brushing with a metal comb of fine teeth and a brush with natural bristles or a rubber one to remove dead hairs.
  • Cats with semi-long hair and the types breeds with a lot of fur, need a lot of brushing.
  • Persians have long and delicate fur and they must be brushed for fifteen minutes every day, if not, knots and tangles form rapidly on their skin, causing them to feel uncomfortable.

A Nest of Fur
When you brush your longhaired cat in the Spring time do not throw away the hairs; instead place them in small bundles in your backyard and let the birds take them to make nests out of them. Let the cats do a favor to the birds for a change.

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