Cat Heat inhibition

The small kitten has now grown and it’s strong thanks to your cares. It weighs around 2 kilograms. Lately is very flattering and goes from one place to another meowing. You see her very playful; could it be that it’s her first heat?

It is a credible suspicion. Close all your windows and doors and then you can think calmly. For now you don’t wish for any descendants. But you don’t want to lock up this vivacious creature, since it wouldn’t be a solution to your cat, rather the opposite. No doubt she likes delicious food, receiving a lot of affection and a little mouse toy, but all this turns pale before the image of a strong cat, which no mouse toy can replace. Here is an option: return it, with help of hormonal pills, to the condition in which she was situated before the period of heat. Then there would be no problems of cats or fears provoked by her fecundity; the feline world is still healthy, the animal will live her life happy and without any troubles, nothing is missing. 

You have to look at this through the cat’s eyes. If the sexual hormones do not undertake her wild game, love has no value. Female cats, as any other animal, only turn herself in at the present moment. Just as an example, after a few seconds of mating, it not only becomes indifferent, but unpleasant and hateful. That is how fast they change feelings. If heat season is spared by medicine, it won’t suffer any loss. She will feel good and free of any trouble. This is something that now a day can be achieved with similar hormones used as contraceptive pills for women. They come as pills and have to be taken once a week. You can get them from a veterinarian or prescribed by them. With them, you will achieve sexual inactivity, which in animals at liberty it still lasts for eight months. Besides it will be very affectionate and kind to people. Disadvantages? You have to administer the pill every week. Month after month; during years. As natural, it has a cost. You will probably have to administer the pill with some other food destined only for this. Once you have the practice, it will be a routine. Thankfully, the pill is small and has a neutral taste.   

Many people think that after their sexual retirement, they can become obese and careless. But if their sexual period is relatively short. Sexual inactivity could be considered normal and it is maintained by administering pills. It will get fatter, if fed abundantly. Usually it’s something that is done unconsciously, wanting to compensate the animal for the damage done. The remedy will consist in strict discipline. In many cases, change of behavior is always feared. You can expect the animal to be closer towards the owner, which is always desirable. The great advantage of using the pill method is that when it shows an undesirable behavior, you can suspend the application without a problem. The reaction of cats to pills you will se in a couple of weeks. If you don’t like her sexual inactivity, throw away the pills and she will go out again. Efforts have been scanty; nothing was lost. 

One more thing about chronic inflammation of the womb so feared in dogs. Appears in those who have never had puppies, with or without heat inhibition, up to five percent, relatively high number. No relation has been verified with the administration of pills. When administering pills, observe the following: cats can be in heat while breast-feeding and become fertilized. However, after giving her pills, her milk production diminishes. It’s an advantage if kittens have been already retired. However, if kittens are still breast-feeding, do not administer pills until they are old enough to eat on their own.   

Sexual retirement with hormonal pills in my opinion is a guarantied and good method. The disadvantages are the effort we have to do and costs. An advantage is what ever the reason is; it can be interrupted without any problems. Thereby the original situation is restored again.

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