Cat Heat Strokes

Cats are vulnerable to heat strokes, overall if they have long hair and are traveling in a car in mid summer, for example.

Remember that the transporting cage is a close environment with less ventilation than the cars interior and also with less moving space. Cats with heat strokes present pants, cardiac palpitations, and appearance of the third eyelid and an arising of the body temperature.

In these cases, always have at hand water and a wet towel. If the symptoms persist, consult with the veterinary, as much inconvenient as it would be in the middle of the journey. When well again, there usually is no secondary effect.

It is possible to minimize the risks of a heat stroke if you put the traveling cage in a place with ventilation and with a shadow inside the vehicle or take him outside the car each time you stop to rest. Never let the cat alone inside the car, not even with the windows opened.

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