Cat Hernias

You can observe some painful protuberances around the area of the belly in street cats or your own after some accident. With certain attention, it can introduce back into the abdominal cavity, but they come back out again quickly. It could be congenital hernias (umbilical hernia), but almost always is a consequence of an injury after an accident. In those cases, the abdominal partition is torn, but the exterior skin is intact. Because of the tear, entrails can escape among the partition mentioned above and the skin. A typical soft and painless swelling is common, without heat increase. Skillful fingers can feel the tear in the tense abdominal partition. 

treatment is purely surgical. Breechings wouldn’t maintain in a cat. A veterinarian re-introduces detached parts of the entrails and sews the orifice of the hernia. The operation must be done quickly since a hernia operation is not an aesthetic fault, but a constant risk. Certain parts of the intestines can strangle any moment and then there exists a serious danger of intestinal occlusion. 

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