Cat Home Wood Winter Shelter

Any cat home intencat houseded for use during the winter months as a winter shelter must be made to meet certain specifications. Cats being as they are so closely related to their desert cousins, are very capable of withstanding heat and it really doesn’t have too much affect on them as long as they have all the things they need to keep cool. Fresh cool water, shade, regular grooming and are in good health. If any of these necessities are missing then your cat will have problems in hot weather. Both cold and hot weather, in a temperate climate, is easy for a cat to deal with but not for long periods of time. Once you start talking about real cold though cats have little resistance to it and things such as fog, rain and snow can make life very hard for felines. If your wood winter shelter is not set up properly with insulation, heating and protective door flaps then the cold and snow, sleet or freezing rain beside being uncomfortable for your cat could even spell serious health problems for it. Though it is true that certain breeds such as the Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine


Coon have developed more protection against the cold and winter weather than other breeds even they have to struggle to maintain their 39 °C normal body temperature when wet or exposed to the cold for too long. Another thing to keep in mind besides the actual construction of your cat home is the food you feed to your cat during the cold weather months. It is important that your cat receive good, high quality and highly nutritional foods during this time. Its diet will have a lot to do with your cat’s ability to withstand the cold during winter.  Cat enclosure house outdoors

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