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Cat House HeaterAir Conditioning for Cat Houses

PET Cool Therm-ASSURE dog house air conditioner system and dog house heater is compact, powerful and efficient environmental control systems that attach to your pet's home to provide year round comfort and safety.
PET Cool adjusts automatically to maintain a constant comfortable range of temperatures in winter and summer while providing additional functionality as a de-humidifier. PETCool means peace of mind for all pet owners.
It's safe, affordable and revolutionary. PETCool utilizes the same technology that controls your home environment, and is built to exacting standards to last while operating with amazing efficiency. In fact, PETCool uses the same electrical power requirements as 4 standard light bulbs.Heated Cat House

Installation is EZ!

Installs in minutes and is easy to maintain. Everything you need is included*. First, use the PETCool template to cut a hole in the existing structure. Place your PETCool unit on a flat surface, and use the hose provided to connect your unit to your pet's home.
Turn the unit on and relax, knowing that your pet is now safe from dangerous temperature.
Light weight, portable climate control system for your pet house. With 2500 BTU's heating and cooling capacity, the PETCool system adjusts automatically to maintain a constant comfortable range of temperatures in winter and summer while providing additional functionality as a de-humidifier. All accessories included.

 PetCool Air Conditioner - Cat house Heater Unit $469


Includes PETCool accessory kit: Cat House Air Conditioner

  • 4 Air hose clamps
  • 2 Semi-rigid aluminum flexible air-duct hoses
  • 3 Air filters
  • 2 Couplings
  • 1 Six foot power cord
  • 2 Screws
  • 1 PETCool doggy door
  • 2 PETCool doggy door screws
  • 1 Air duct template
  • 1 Metal hole saw bit

*Tools required: 3/8" power drill, flat-head screw driver, pencil.
Power consumption: 262 watts for cooling and 465w for heating.

Tech Specifications:

  • BTU: 2500
  • Dimensions: 141/2" x 12 1/2" x 15 1/2"
  • Weight: 39 lbs
  • Voltage/Phase/HZ: 110/1/60
  • Efficiency (watts): 262 A/C, 465 Heater
  • Coolant: R22 Refrigerant
  • Amperes: Cool 2.55/ Heat 5.32


  • Built-in return air system
  • Adjustable temperature range (F) 63° -90°
  • Removable/washable air filter
  • Energy efficient
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Portable/Adaptable
  • Universal adapter kit
  • Designed to cool a 10x10x8 room
    Weighs approximately 39lbs.
    (1) year warranty on materials and workmanship.

The average distance is between 8" and 18". We provide a flexible air duct that allows you to place the unit where is most appropriate based on your terrain.

There are three set positions: Hot-Off-Cold on the first knob. The second knob allows you select the ideal temperature for your pet.

This unit has been specifically designed for all weather conditions.

You will find the unit to be amazingly quiet.

Cooling cost about $0.90 a day, if you operate the unit around the clock, heating costs a little more.

The back of the dog house is ideal for the air holes, this position has proven most ergonomic for the dog to move in and out of his house

We recommend cleaning the air-filter once a month. Should you damage the filter, two extra filters are provided. Periodically ensure that the power cord is secured to the unit and the outlet.

As the system cycles the air, water is extracted and discharged out of the back of the unit via the drain.


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