Cat House and Condo

The cat house and condocat house that Mary and Bill bought was beautiful but there was a problem. Their cat didn’t want to use its kitty litter tray. So the cat was going to the bathroom in the cat house and condo. As you can imagine this was causing a big problem. Finally they downloaded some info which they passed on to me. Believe it or not an entire industry has grown up around getting cats to use the litterbox. They come in all different shapes and sizes of boxes with or without lids. There is a wide array of different litters (including special litter with an attractive smell for cats), even feline pheromones in a bottle (called Feliway). Some things you can do if your cat doesn’t want to use its kitty litter tray are. Change the size of the box, change its location (it may be too remote or in too busy an area), change the litter (both the kind and the frequency of dumping and replacing--most cats don't like strong odors associated with the box), add or remove a lid, if you have more than one cat add to the number of litterboxes, move the box away from its food and water, or even confine the cat into a small area with a clean box for a period of time (usually several weeks) to retrain it to use the box. Which of these solutions will w


ork best for you depends on the individual situation. Finding the solution usually takes a good amount of patience and it frequently takes a bit of detective work as well. Punishing the cat for eliminating in the wrong place will have no effect unless you catch it in the act, your cat will not understand that you are punishing it for something it did hours ago.

Cat home wood winter shelter

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