Cat House Heater - Cathouse Air Conditioner

Welcome to one of the greatest advances in the field of AC/Heater technology and functionality in many a year. Our Super Cat house Air Conditioner/Heater climate control system can be connected to many of our beautiful hand crafted Cedar wood cat houses. Compact and powerful, this climate control system will provide uninterrupted year-round regulated heating and cooling to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety. The Super Cat house Air Conditioner/Heater guarantees that your cat will remain warm even in the most extreme winter climates and refreshed in the most devastatingly arid or humid of summers. Many people have the mistake idea that AC/Heater units for pet houses is a luxury but many tests throughout the years have proven otherwise. When your cat lives in a climate controlled environment it is much less susceptible to the affects of the outside weather, which translates into a healthier pet. This means a longer life span with fewer trips to the veterinarian tCat House Heater - Cathouse Air Conditionero receive treatments for avoidable illnesses. Utilizing the same technology that controls your own home environment, the Super Cat house AC/Heater is made to the highest of standards ensuring the longevity of the machine and incredible efficiency. The AC/Heater unit operates on the same amount of power that 4 standard household light bulbs use.

Our hardworking 2500 BTU AC/Heater unit is affordable and effective. When you order it along with one of our pet houses we will prep the house before sending it so that you don’t have to worry about shimming and boring the holes in the pet house yourself.

Great for any size house and supplying both the heating and cooling air flows through the same air ducts this amazing AC/Heater climate control system is good to go.

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