Cat House Plans

When we got our little Siamese cat we found some great cat house plans online and were able to have a really cute cedar cathouse built for it. After awhile our beautiful cat started to have some health problems and so we took it to the veterinarian where we learned that our cat had not been getting enough meat in its diet. The veterinarian told us that it is very important that we feed our cat with good-quality commercial cat food, but to not consider cooking for our cat without her guidance. She explained to us that cats are obligate carnivores, which means that they require meat protein to survive and that they cannot survive on a vegetarian diet. It is possible also she told us to find cat foods which are formulated for ccat houseats with special dietary needs, such as cats with poorly functioning kidneys or those that have the tendency to have urinary problems. Well after consulting with our veterinarian she had us start feeding our cat one of these diets. She also reminded us that cats should have fresh water available at all times. Something we learned while at the veterinarian was that long-haired cats need to be groomed every day to prevent their fur from getting matted. But our short-haired cat should be able to handle most of its own grooming, but we should still brush her coat occasionally to remove loose hairs. Did you know that cats are known to somtimes munch on grass, leaves, shrubs and houseplants. They do not eat a lot, but kind of have it as a snack. It seems that eating vegetation in this way may aid the cat's digestive system and can prevent hairballs. Our Siamese is doing fine now and enjoying life with us and our kids. Cat house plan

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