Cat Houses for the Outside

I found some great cat cat househouses for the outside of my house and they are made of cedar wood. I have three cats that are all related. “Snoopy” is my tom-cat and his partner is “Cinderella” they and their adult son “Marc Anthony” all live with me. I can’t have them living inside my house because there just isn’t enough space for the three of them and me. I have had them living outside since I got the mommy and daddy cat almost three years ago. They had one litter and after that I had both Snoopy and Cinderella “fixed.” Since I knew that they wouldn’t be having any more kittens I decided to keep Marc as he was so cute and because I didn’t have the heart to take all the kittens away from Cinderella. Well they used to live in three separate cat houses on the ground but I wasn’t really happy with the set up. Then I came across this great site and found some terrific cat houses for outside. Since I have always preferred wood and these houses were made of cedar I was already influenced to get them. But what cemented my desire to buy these houses was when I read about their town houses. I just loved the idea of my cats being up of


f of the ground and not only being two tiered but also coming with a porch in front of the doors of the cat houses I thought was great. Snoopy has his own separate cat house on legs and Marc and his mom live in the town house with Marc taking the top floor. They all seem very happy with the arrangements as to be sure I had let them choose where they wanted to live.

Cat pet enclosures

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