Cat Lovers in Asia

While cats where making themselves a place among the life of Asians, In the houses of India there were domestic cats since Christ’s Era, when cult was render to a cat goddess associated with fertility. Cats had arrived to China some 1,000 years before.

In Buddhism cats where damned along with serpents because according to tradition, they were the only two creatures that didn’t cry with the death of Buddha.

For some reason, in the Chinese culture cat where related with poverty, maybe because of these Buddhist connotations or because a prosperous and well administered farm didn’t need of cats to help them control damaging animals.

However, curiously, according to popular beliefs, to avoid poverty from entering a house of cat on the interior. By the way, it was in China where it was heard for the first time that black cats were of bad luck. This maybe is the most lasting myth about cats (only the British think the contrary).

In Japan, where cats were introduced through china in the medieval age, cats had a close relation with the economic sector of the silk, whose farms were infested with rodents.

It seems, that when having domestic cats was the latest fashion, around the year 1,000 A.C., cats abandoned the farms for more comfortable housing. During several centuries, silk farms had to stand by themselves with only images of cats hanging from he walls, but when the downfall was threatening the silk cultivators (and all the commerce and industry that depended on them) the emperor ordered the liberation of domestic cats from their comfortable existence so they could go back to win its sustenance at the farms.

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